Scotty Wiese Magician

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This was originally scheduled for Sunday August 11th and was re-scheduled do to the closure of the pool for glass cleaning.  Sorry for any inconvenience. 

Join us for some magic!

Scotty Wiese is a talented magician who is excellent for all ages.

Scotty mixes his young and upbeat personality with stunning magic and mind-reading that gets everyone involved.

He blends his unique form of magic, mentalism, comedy, and outgoing personality to engage the audience.

Scotty’s act is casual, comfortable, and inviting to people of all ages without being gaudy or out of place in any given event. You’ll see an ordinary guy in ordinary clothes when Scotty gets on stage — with tricks that are nothing less than extraordinary.

 Scotty has Jaw-Dropping Tricks! This is the biggest appeal of magic, is it not? And in this front, Scotty doesn’t disappoint. He’s got tricks that will leave you wondering if real magic exists after all, and he’s always creating new ones, so even multiple viewings of Scotty’s performances will continually leave you stunned.

Free event, guest fees apply.