Synchro Team

Ballet legs, barracuda, dolphin, kip, back tuck, shrimp, front walk over, dry land, nose plug… these are just some of the terms you’re likely to hear at synchro practice every day.

2018 registration opens on May 1. Registration must be completed and payment submitted online prior to any child getting into the pool for practice or participating in any other team activity.


USA Synchro provides support to the Rocky Mountain Summer Synchro League by facilitating referees, judges, training, scoring and meet set-up.  It is required that all swimmers who compete in the State Finals meet are registered for the Introductory Athlete Membership with USA Synchro.

To ensure all swimmers are registered this $45 fee will be assessed at the time of your registration with VV and handled on the back end with USA Synchro by our outstanding Synchro Mom, Whitney Stanfill.

2018 MEETS

Saturday, June 9 at VV
Saturday, June 23 at Skyline
Saturday, July 7 at Stapleton
Wednesday, July 18 – Water Show at VV
Tuesday, July 24 and Wednesday, July 25 – Synchro Finals at Crestmoor

Swimmers are expected to be at the host pool by 7:30am for figure meets and should plan to stay through the awards ceremony to cheer on their teammates!  Swimmers are encouraged to participate in all figure meets and are required to participate in at least one to be eligible to compete in the Synchro State Finals meet.

Please be aware that parents are required to volunteer at meets throughout the summer.  Synchro knowledge is not essential, and training will be provided on Saturday, June 2nd from 10:00 am – 12:00 pm.



The age of synchro swimmers on December 31, 2018 determines their age grouping for the season. 10 and up are intermediate; however, all first year synchro swimmers are considered “novices” regardless of their age.

Please download and refer to the Synchro Calendar for a detailed listing of all practices, extra clinics & events.

Pre-Season Practices (Sunday, April 22; Sunday, April 29; Sunday, May 6; Sunday, May 20)
Please join Rocky Mountain Summer Synchro League members at our pre-season synchro conditioning clinics.  Each Sunday from 3:30 – 5:00 pm will be hosted by a coach from either a member club or a Year-round team.  Swimmers will perform general conditioning and synchro skill enhancement in advance of the season.  This activity is recommended for Intermediate swimmers only. Experienced Novice swimmers are welcome, but the training is fast-paced and not recommended for new Novice swimmers. Sign up here to attend.

May Practice Schedule (*Please be advised this is thunder storm season and sometimes afternoon practices are cancelled due to weather.)

All swimmers are strongly encouraged to attend practices in May.  Attendance at the majority of May practices is mandatory for swimmers in their first year of Synchro as well as those swimmers who are moving up from Novice to Intermediate.  It is very important for swimmers of all ages/abilities to get back into the water early for conditioning.  This practice time is critical for skill development as due to the highly condensed season the majority of June and July practice time is spent on routine choreography.

Monday – Thursday (starting Mon. May 14th)
4:00 – 5:00pm 11& up
5:00 – 6:00pm 10 & U
June & July Practice Schedule

Novice Swimmers             
Practice Times: Monday – Thursday 8:30 – 9:30 am

Intermediate – Lower Division (10/11 & 12/13)
Practice Times: Monday – Thursday 8:30 – 11:00 am

Intermediate – Upper Division (14/15 & 16-19)
Practice Times: Monday – Thursday 8:30 – 11:00 am
Monday & Tuesday Night Practices (See Synchro Calendar for dates in June/July)
14/15’s    6:30 – 8:30 pm
16-19’s    6:30 – 9:30 pm

Please take the time to read the Synchro Intermediate Attendance Policy and follow up with Coach Katie.  If you do have summer holiday plans set please let Coach Katie know at your earliest convenience as this is helpful when determining the best pairings for routines.

Friday Extra Clinics ($20; optional please register in advance with Katie)
The coaches at VV as well as guest instructors will be offering mock figure meet clinics for extra practice before meets; as well as two focused workshops geared to foster learning/advancement in crucial aspects of the sport of Synchronized Swimming.  These are not mandatory but are an excellent opportunity to further develop skills.  All swimmers welcome.

Friday, June 8 (8:30 – 10:00 am) Mock Figure Meet / Judging  at VV Pool             Friday, June 15 (Time TBD) at Cherry Creek Dance (pool unavailable)
Friday, June 22 (8:30 – 10:00 am) Mock Figure Meet / Judging  at VV Pool
Friday, June 29 (8:30 – 10:00 am) Features, Lifts & Throws  at VV Pool


May 24 – All Teams Pizza Party and Parents Meeting
June 7 – All Teams Potluck
June 18 – Synchro Sleepover
June 20 – All Teams Picture Day
June 27 – All Teams Breakfast and Games
July 22 – All Teams Awards Banquet


Head Coach: Katie Douglas

Katie Douglas is excited to be returning for another summer at VV in the role of Head Synchro Coach.  She grew up in Canada and fell in love with the mermaiden world of synchronized swimming when she was nine years old.  Katie swam competitively for seven years, maintaining a top ten ranking provincially and qualifying for the Canadian Nationals.  She went on to coach for two year-round competitive clubs in Canada, working with swimmers aged 3 to 50.  After a hop, skip, and a jump she currently resides in Denver and enjoys gardening, traveling and sewing in her spare time.

Assistant Head Coach: Lauren McDonald

Lauren McDonald joined the VV synchro team in 2005. She is thrilled to be back for her fourth year of coaching, taking on more responsibility this year the Assistant Head Coach. Lauren is a graduate of Littleton HS and is currently studying psychology and human development & family relations at the University of Colorado – Denver.

Assistant Coaches: Mary Kate Elson, Mara Pasquarella, Lila Sailey, Maddie Shepardson, Caroline Elson

Mary Kate Elson started synchronized swimming with VV when she was 5 and received a 2017 Lifetime Synchronized Swimming Award from the club.  She will be back for her third year of coaching in 2018.  She also enjoys other sports including field hockey and track and field. Mary Kate attends Colorado State University, Go Rams!

Caroline Elson started synchronized swimming with VV when she was 5 and received a 2017 Lifetime Synchronized Swimming Award from the club.  She will be back for her second year of coaching in 2018 and can always be counted on to keep everyone laughing and having a blast!

Maddie Shepardson also received a 2017 Lifetime Synchronized Swimming Award from the club and is thrilled to be returning to VV to coach for her second season.  She attends University in Colorado and is working towards obtaining her CNA this summer.

Mara Pasquarella swam with the Rocky Mountain Splash for 6 years. Mara has been lending a helping hand with the VV synchro team since 2015, and she is thrilled to be joining the staff again this summer. Mara just finished up her first year the University of Alabama, congrats Mara!

Lila Sailey also joins us from Rocky Mountain Splash where she has been doing synchro for 9 years. This will be her third summer coaching at VV. Lila is a student at Arapahoe High School and loves to be in the mountains skiing and hiking in her free time.

Novice Coaches:
Olivia Buckmelter, Sophia Prendergast, Emily Shepardson, Maisie Bowdouris

A large part of what makes this VV Synchro Team so successful and fun is the comradery between all the swimmers.  Novice swimmers look up to the older ones for inspiration and guidance; and more experienced synchro swimmers love to give back and share their hard earned talents.  Our Novice Coaches are older swimmers on the Synchro Team who continuously show a desire to give back to the team and engage with younger swimmers.  They develop leadership skills while lending support in day to day coaching and routine choreography to the core coaching staff.

Intermediate Synchro Attendance Policy

With such a condensed season attendance at the majority of scheduled Synchro practices and meets is critical to not only our success as a club, but to giving our swimmers the practice time they need to feel confident and proud to perform.  Commitment to attend practices in July is especially critical when we are learning and perfecting the majority of our routines.  Our swimmers take on a very demanding work load to learn either two or three uniquely choreographed routines within our time constraints.  Synchro is a very unique sport and has the element of not only individually learning skills, but learning and practicing together as a team to execute routines effectively.  Attendance expectations are not only important for the execution and technicality of what we are trying to accomplish, but also for team morale and bonding.

The attendance policy outlined below is designed to alleviate stress and foster a fun and team oriented environment within our club.  As a swimmer if you would prefer to have less commitment or if as a family you have a number of planned vacations over the summer that is completely OK, it will just mean adjusting the number of routines a swimmer participates in.  As a coaching staff we always want to present routines that our swimmers have had an adequate amount of time to learn and feel confident in performing.

In addition to the below attendance policy, please note there are a number of practices in July leading up to the Watershow and State Finals that are mandatory for attendance (bolded on the Synchro calendar).

Intermediate Lower Division (10/11s & 12/13s)

If you will be missing more than 8 days of scheduled practices (M-Th.) over the season it is strongly encouraged to swim in either a small routine OR a team routine, not both.

Intermediate Upper Division (14/15s & 16-19)

If you will be missing more than 6 days of scheduled practices (M-Th.) over the season it is strongly encouraged to swim in one small routine versus two small routines.

If you will be missing more than 3 scheduled night practices (M-Tu.) over the season a team routine will be difficult to keep up with unless a specific plan for private lessons and make up time is discussed with the coaches.

*There may be exceptions, but this is something that will need to be discussed with the specific routine coach, head coach, swimmer and parent.